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What Is E-commerce SEO and Why SEO is important for E-commerce

by Dennis Lazard · Written 17 November 2023 · Updated 18 November 2023
Digital marketers collaborating in a vibrant online marketplace, with focus on E-commerce SEO elements like keywords, link building, and mobile optimization.
Do you want to increase your online store’s sales and visibility? E-commerce SEO is the key, but what exactly is it? In this blog post, we’ll break down E-commerce SEO thoroughly – why it matters, how to implement effective strategies for organic traffic growth, search engine ranking improvement, and how all of these lead to increased profits.

At the end of our discussion here today on E-commerce SEO essentials, you will be in a much better position to comprehend its significance, as well as understand how to create content marketing approaches that lead toward successful results. Let’s get started!

Key Takeaways

  • E-commerce SEO is a key strategy for online stores to increase organic traffic and sales.
  • Content marketing strategies such as keyword research, blog content, Amazon reviews, and FAQs help improve E-commerce SEO performance.
  • Measuring website design, user experience and E-commerce SEO success can lead to increased conversion rates and revenue growth.
Asian male professional conducting keyword research for an ecommerce SEO campaign on a laptop, in a modern workspace setting.

Content Marketing Strategies for E-commerce

Content marketing is the bridge between SEO initiatives and successful conversions, bringing potential customers to your online store. It boosts website traffic organically through search engines such as Google by providing content that satisfies searchers’ queries. This type of strategy also strengthens authority on other websites with links generated from high-quality work. To draw in more visitors, this practice helps build trust within a targeted audience along with credibility for an E-commerce business.

For the best results when using content marketing for SEO purposes, here are some tactics you may want to consider: creating keyword-focused articles, engaging in guest blogging opportunities, producing insightful blogs, and utilising reviews found on Amazon platforms which can help inform future research topics related to keywords used commonly by searchers, designing answers that tackle frequently asked questions posed by consumers. All these strategies increase organic visits while driving leads towards the conversion objectives previously set. Ultimately this elevates rankings across searches and increases the chances of turning prospects into sales, as well as simultaneously expanding brand visibility exponentially!

Measuring E-commerce SEO Success

It is imperative to evaluate your E-commerce SEO efforts for long-term advancement and growth. Google Analytics, which assists with tracking data related to the success of a given SEO strategy, can be employed as an effective means in this regard. By monitoring progress and executing changes based on obtained information, you will continue advancing outcomes from these strategies even further.

Another great tool to aid performance assessments regarding search engine results is Semrush’s Site Audit feature. This helps to recognise potential flaws within internal linkages that may reduce visibility among SERPs. Addressing these when possible and additionally utilising available tools specifically directed at optimising such effects associated with E-commerce SEO solutions overall are some further advantages provided by it.
Hispanic female professional engaged in keyword research on a laptop for an ecommerce SEO campaign, showcasing a focused and analytical approach in a contemporary workspace.

Organic Traffic Growth

Organic traffic growth is an important measure of successful E-commerce SEO and involves growing the number of website visitors coming from non-paid sources, such as a higher ranking in search results. This indicates that your store has enhanced visibility and improved rankings for target keywords.

By focusing on organic traffic, you can make sure that potential customers who are really interested in what you offer will find their way to your online store. This consequently leads to increased sales while reinforcing credibility among both consumers and search engines alike.

To get positive outcomes from organic reach expansion it is necessary to optimise for appropriate target keyword phrases that have relevance to users’ search intent and produce high-quality content material accordingly. Doing so should lead to better positioning in search engine result pages allowing you to populate your site with more traffic, increasing conversions and revenue for the store in the process.

A monitoring process regarding organic traffic requires ongoing attention, given that it requires regular fine-tuning according to the data available. Following a makeover of a site by adequate SEO efforts, data from analytics will reveal its success as indicated by the action of visitors that convert into customers, bringing greater profit to the business and guaranteeing sustainability by the achievement of improved SERPs (Search Engine Results Pages).

Conversion Rate Improvement

It is essential to measure and track the success of an E-commerce SEO strategy in terms of increasing sales, revenue, and conversion rate. Conversion happens when a visitor takes an action such as buying or subscribing, and this can be determined by noting the number of website visitors alongside those who take the desired steps. To find high-converting keywords for optimal optimisation techniques on content/website design, search volume must be examined.

Improving conversions relies upon several factors which include improving user experience via optimised web design along with crafting relevant material that meets customer needs. All these factors contribute to achieving higher rates from online stores through well-planned strategies tailored towards E-commerce SEO services. Regularly looking into the data concerning one’s own conversion statistics is vital so that potential issues may be discovered right away, whilst also allowing for intelligent adjustments within existing SEO tactics for greater overall growth possibilities within your establishment.


To reach success with your online store, E-commerce SEO is a crucial element to consider. Successful implementation of content marketing strategies and consistent monitoring can result in increased organic traffic and improved search rankings for your business. Remember that the process never stops - ongoing assessment leads to data-driven modifications which will help you advance even further along this path. To navigate these complexities, working with our SEO experts can provide tailored solutions.

It is wise not to be hesitant when investing in tools necessary for optimal optimisation of your SEO efforts as these steps are vital towards long-term growth opportunities connected with E-commerce activities related to running an online store. Now is the time to equip yourself well by gaining insights regarding how SEO for E-commerce works - so take action! Track progress made while implementing those tactics and observe - through your results - that the sky is truly the limit!

Frequently Asked Questions

What is E-commerce SEO?

E-commerce SEO is about improving the visibility of online stores on search engine results pages, to achieve higher rankings for product searches and thus drive more traffic. By doing so, it allows those websites to appear prominently when a user enters relevant keywords into their preferred search engine.

What is the difference between SEO and E-commerce SEO?

Optimising an online store to increase visibility and generate sales is what E-commerce SEO focuses on - as opposed to regular SEO, which concentrates more on website exposure to create brand recognition while driving visitors.

How can I do SEO for an E-commerce website?

Optimising an E-commerce website for SEO involves making sure to conduct keyword research, product page optimisation, and backlinks with strategic keywords in the anchor text. Decreasing load speeds by adding alt text to images as well as avoiding broken links and duplicate content is key. Also ensuring that URL structures are easily crawlable will make all the difference.

Why use SEO in E-commerce?

Search engine optimisation is essential for E-commerce websites to boost website traffic, grow their reach, and ensure content meets optimal search engine criteria. With on-page SEO tactics in place, it allows Google to comprehend the exact purpose of the page while also improving its chances of appearing higher up within SERP results.

How does SEO affect E-commerce?

Optimising E-commerce sites through SEO is essential in order for any online store to thrive. Search engine results are made more visible, and the website’s content can be altered according to optimal phrases that customers search for most frequently. This type of optimisation offers many advantages such as extra visitors, increased brand recognition and higher sales. The use of keywords like “SEO for E-commerce” or “search engine” need not change when speaking about this practice. They remain just as integral a part of its success now than ever before!

Case Studies

Hanna Sillitoe (BBC Dragons' Den Brand): 8.8X Growth in 12 months

Avg. RoAS in Google and Meta Ads (UK, US)
Avg. eCom Conversion Rate
Active Online Community (Instagram, Email)

ShakeSphere (BBC Dragons' Den Brand): 2X Growth in 6 months

eCom Conversion Rate (CVR)
Online Revenue (US, UK)
Organic Traffic (US, UK)

8.7X Growth in 12 months

Organic Traffic (EU, UK)
Online Revenue (LMS and Service Packs)
more Leads from Organic Traffic

2X Growth in 6 months (made an Exit)

Organic and Direct Traffic (US)
more PR Mentions (Shopify, BigCommerce)
more relevant Leads from Organic Traffic

Hanna Sillitoe (BBC Dragons' Den Brand): 8.8X Growth in 12 months

3.5X RoAS in Google and Meta Ads (UK, US)

4.85% eCom Conversion Rate

180K+ active Online Community (Insta, Email)

ShakeSphere (BBC Dragons' Den Brand): 2X Growth in 6 months

1.5X eCom Conversion Rate (CVR)
2X Online Revenue (US, UK)
3X Online Traffic (US, UK)

8.7X Growth in 12 months

+865% Organic traffic (EU, UK)
+764% more Leads from Organic Traffic
+275% Online Revenue (LMS & Service Packs)

2X Growth in 6 months (made an Exit)

2X Organic and Direct Traffic (US)
+178% more PR Mentions (Shopify,BigCommerce)
1.8X more relevant Leads from Organic Traffic
ESA team combine both a creative and data-driven approach in performance marketing, testing around 10 hypotheses per week for acquisition, engagement and retention. Their work on developing and executing a product growth strategy for the UK and US markets has led to a 68% increase in our number of monthly clients and $1.3M raised in Oct 2019 based on our growth metrics with ESA.”
Roman Grigoriev (
CEO at Splento (fundraised $1.3M)
“​​I can't speak highly enough about ESA team! They have transformed my website from a store that functioned fairly well, to a fully optimised platform which performs better and generates significantly more income through substantially better sales conversions. We have a plan to continue building on the fantastic 7-figure revenue growth we’ve already achieved this year, and I have no doubt that with ESA team on side we will accomplish all this and more.”
Hanna Sillitoe (
Skin Healing Expert, BBC Dragons’ Den Brand
"ESA Agency are SEO and PPC team of our Spain and Portugal eCommerce shops. They created our new websites from the ground up, improving UX usability by 4x times. The result? Double the online visibility of our brand and an increase in our online revenue of 150%. We couldn’t be happier! It’s a perfect partnership."
Ilya Adamsky ( /
CEO at Askona Europe (Brand Sleep.8)
ESA team had outperformed my expectations working with one of our main SEO clients. They delivered X2-times organic traffic growth for 12 client’s websites, working with technical, content and link-building SEO optimisation in Google, website structure, navigation, technical code and conversion rate optimisation.”
Maria Kristalinskaya (
Head of Retail Media at eBay (GE), Techstars Startup Mentor, ex-BBDO
"We are currently working on a SEO strategy with Dennis and his team to push the business to the new £1m Rev. level. Everything — from SEO audit and Keyword Research to Website Implementation and daily communication, has been professional, effective and very clear. We are already seeing great results!"
Elizaveta Proselkova (
CEO at EP-Advisory
“I met Dennis and his Google team, when they pitched their startup Smartsub. We accepted them to our accelerator program in 2017, Batch 9 and they successfully passed through it. Within a short period of time they managed to develop MVP of their product, design and implement go-to-market strategy launching the product on the US market. Their broad digital business experience and data-driven approach allowed them to make things done.”
Cristobal Alonso (
CEO at SWG (funded Smartsub in 2017)
“ESA team with their Google Ads skills, growth mindset and natural ability to mentoring are able to bring a lot of value to startup ecosystem with so many tech companies in their growth stage and businesses struggling with Google online advertising.”
Monika Synoradzka (
CEO at HugeThing (funded Smartsub, 2019)
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