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How We Helped the On-Demand Service Brand to Fundraise $1.3M in 6 Months with Organic Traffic

Splento case study
Organic Growth
Non-Brand Traffic
by Dennis Lazard · Written December 14, 2023 · Updated December 16, 2023

About The Brand

Splento was founded and driven by the need for reliable, yet affordable, high-quality professional photography without wasting months searching. Founders understood how hard it could be to check endless portfolios and then be overcharged for it just to find a skilled photographer and videographer.

Created in 2015, Splento aims to offer the most effective yet simplest way to get your professional photos and video delivered — in the fastest time on the market.

Providing a vast choice of professional and available photo- and videographers presented in one digital space, Splento carefully selects specialists based on the date and type of event of each and every client.

The Challenges
We started with a thorough research of the brand's current positions, here's what we found out:

  1. The Brand felt stuck with a lack of revenue growth for the past couple of years.
  2. The team sought fundraising for expansion, though investment funds were declining their pitch decks.
  3. The brand lacked proper analytics with product and segment analysis of purchases and different model attributes.
  4. The company did not have a skilled in-house growth marketing team to run tests, so they weren't able to find the CAMP (Campaign-Audience-Message-Product) combination and scale it further with marketing investments.
  5. The team didn't know how to perform detailed market research, so they didn't have any growth predictive models for the investment funds to identify clear expectations.
  6. The brand got fundraising, but was not clear how to establish monthly growth with stable traffic and quality leads coming to the website to fundraise the next round.

Strategic Approach
With the issues identified and the goals clarified, we developed a strategy comprising of the following steps:

  • 1

    Step 1: Analyse All Purchases for Product Analytics

    The first step was to analyse all purchases to have a detailed overview of product analytics we will work with further. The research found that 83% of all orders were B2C, yet they provided only 63% of the entire brand's revenue. At the same time, B2B orders were only 17% but gave 37% of the revenue. At this stage, we decided to test a hypothesis of focusing on the B2B segment within our marketing strategy.
  • 2

    Step 2: Increase Organic Traffic with Non-Brand Keywords

    Thanks to our thorough marketing analysis, we were able to identify that direct traffic, approximately 60% of all transactions, was the major click channel. Organic traffic took second place with 35%. The remaining sources of relevant traffic had less than 5%, so we decided to test a second hypothesis - focus on organic non-brand keywords and try to spread them as much as possible within the company's channels.
  • 3

    Step 3: Test 10+ Hypotheses to Improve Conversion

    Since the brand had low conversion rates, we made and tested over 10 hypotheses based on marketing and product data we collected during research, with the goal of improving the conversion of the funnel.
  • 4

    Step 4: Create a Skilled SEO and Growth Marketing Team

    Our research identified that the company didn't have enough skills in marketing and SEO, so the next step was the creation of a team made up of the best SEO and growth marketers from our agency. Our specialists worked on this project full-time for 3 months, aiming to find the CAMP (Campaign Audience Message Product) and grow it further.
  • 5

    Step 5: Break Into US Market

    Once we got the first expected results from B2B organic traffic, we performed traffic research in Google US and UK. The research showed that the American market was 4x bigger and 5x less competitive compared to the British one. So, we decided to focus on the US market more, using the same scaling mechanisms we had already implemented within the UK.

The Results:

Result 1: +68% Increase in Non-Brand Organic Traffic in 3 Months

With keyword research and scaling strategies we implemented for both the UK and US markets, we were able to achieve a 68% increase in non-brand organic traffic in 3 months. Since inquiries and sales also grew by 43%, we were able to find the CAMP that the brand needed for scaling.

Result 2: $1.3M Fundraised in 6 Months

Making the brand investment-worthy was one of the main goals, so we implemented the best strategies when creating predictive models and establishing stable and quality traffic from the US and UK. As a result, the brand fundraised £1M ($1.3M) within 6 months, when the founders included our models and research into the pitch.

Result 3: X7 Growth in Organic Traffic

Through keyword research and their implementation within different channels, we achieved an X7 increase in organic traffic within a year. In fact, organic traffic eventually became the main inbound marketing sales channel.

Result 4: B2B Organic Traffic as the Main Inbound Lead Driver for Startups

With our aim to attract quality and relevant leads, we tested 12 different hypotheses to establish B2B organic traffic as the main lead and sales inbound driver. As a result, the traffic brought big tech companies such as Google, Facebook and Deliveroo, signing annual contracts with the Splento brand and leading to recurring revenue.
ESA team combine both a creative and data-driven approach in performance marketing, testing around 10 hypotheses per week for acquisition, engagement and retention. Their work on developing and executing a product growth strategy for the UK and US markets has led to a 68% increase in our number of monthly clients and $1.3M raised in Oct 2019 based on our growth metrics with ESA.”
Roman Grigoriev (
CEO at Splento (fundraised $1.3M)
“​​I can't speak highly enough about ESA team! They have transformed my website from a store that functioned fairly well, to a fully optimised platform which performs better and generates significantly more income through substantially better sales conversions. We have a plan to continue building on the fantastic 7-figure revenue growth we’ve already achieved this year, and I have no doubt that with ESA team on side we will accomplish all this and more.”
Hanna Sillitoe (
Skin Healing Expert, BBC Dragons’ Den Brand
"ESA Agency are SEO and PPC team of our Spain and Portugal eCommerce shops. They created our new websites from the ground up, improving UX usability by 4x times. The result? Double the online visibility of our brand and an increase in our online revenue of 150%. We couldn’t be happier! It’s a perfect partnership."
Ilya Adamsky ( /
CEO at Askona Europe (Brand Sleep.8)
“I met Dennis and his Google team, when they pitched their startup Smartsub. We accepted them to our accelerator program in 2017, Batch 9 and they successfully passed through it. Within a short period of time they managed to develop MVP of their product, design and implement go-to-market strategy launching the product on the US market. Their broad digital business experience and data-driven approach allowed them to make things done.”
Cristobal Alonso (
CEO at SWG (funded Smartsub in 2017)
“ESA team with their Google Ads skills, growth mindset and natural ability to mentoring are able to bring a lot of value to startup ecosystem with so many tech companies in their growth stage and businesses struggling with Google online advertising.”
Monika Synoradzka (
CEO at HugeThing (funded Smartsub, 2019)
ESA team had outperformed my expectations working with one of our main SEO clients. They delivered X2-times organic traffic growth for 12 client’s websites, working with technical, content and link-building SEO optimisation in Google, website structure, navigation, technical code and conversion rate optimisation.”
Maria Kristalinskaya (
Head of Retail Media at eBay (GE), Techstars Startup Mentor, ex-BBDO
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